Truth be told

I wanted to scrap this idea entirely but I plodded along as I wanted to do this for 100th post…. Thinking of 100 things about me was not as easy as I thought

IT’S LONG….. I will be surprised if even get to the very end.

  1. I do not have a middle name which tends to surprise allot of people.
  2. I cannot stomach Pronutro.
  3. I love Prince Rogers Nelson… even though he had an identity crisis, changed his name and has a better figure and shoe collection than most women I know.
  4. I pull strands of hair from my head when I am deep in thought, stressed or bored. Come to think of I think I do it out of habit now.
  5. I cannot whistle.
  6. I was carried on a door (which doubled up as a stretcher cleverly) when I was in school because I dislocated my knee. Was pretty embarrassing.
  7. I had a real live snake watch me pee in my bathroom…. my brave moment.
  8. My childhood nickname is Speedo.
  9. I get teary eyed for the weirdest arbest shit.
  10. I have two beautiful, incredibly different and NOT very disciplined children…. completely my fault.
  11. Dancing around the house half naked is fun.
  12. My favourite fruit is leeches. We had 2 leechee trees growing in our garden in our childhood home. Absalootely deliciously juicy!!! I am craving now.
  13. I suck my tongue when I am really sleepy or very comfortable.
  14. I really really dislike someone too close to my personal space… It’s creepy. STEP AWAY FROM MY BUBBLE!
  15. I love love luurve sweeping. My obsession with a broom would make you think I was a witch in my previous life.
  16. I eat ice cream from a glass and it has to be warmed in the microwave for 10 seconds. Don’t judge.
  17. I HATE ironing.
  18. Lime flavoured anything.
  19. I burp… allot… and enjoy it.
  20. I love the word FUCK … I like the variation and it is so expressive.
  21. I love to karaoke but I can’t sing for shite.
  22. I was born on a Thursday at 6.06 in the morning. 18 September…. the year is irrelevant.
  23. I enjoy kitchen time. Yes I like to cook.
  24. I have three tattoos. I want more.
  25. I am terrible at Maths and I ended up in a career using numbers and shit. Ironic don’t you think?
  26. Oh! shit balls … I like those words together, and I say it more often than not.
  27. There was this guy that I had a major crush on when I was on campus. I vomited on his jacket. From having waaaaay too much vodka. Not my most charming moment!
  28. I have been through natural childbirth WITHOUT drugs. Talk about bravery!
  29. I have played with lions and cubs.  An incredible experience!
  30. I survive on headache pills.
  31. I don’t enjoy alcohol.
  32. One of my biggest and greatest dreams is having my very own library, with the smell of old and forgotten books.
  33. I have resided to the fact that a book shelf will have to do in this lifetime.
  34. I don’t wear makeup.
  35. I craved alcohol (beer specifically) during my first pregnancy.
  36. I can spend hours in an antique shop.
  37. I have a fear of most flying insects, especially cockroaches.
  38. I roll my eyes allot. I admit it.
  39. I want to die having known my grand-children.
  40. I love the smell of coffee, vanilla and roses.
  41. I am pro-choice.
  42. I hate wearing clothes in general. The bare minimum is good enough for me.
  43. I love musicals.
  44. I enjoy playing board games.
  45. I don’t drink enough water.
  46. I am so obsessed with mythology.
  47. My age is catching up with me. I see more and more wear and tear. Sagging and drooping.
  48. I tend to wear allot of black. I think that’s my favourite colour.
  49. I adore pretty heels, but hardly ever wear them.
  50. Kiss me on my lower back and I’m yours.
  51. Kiss me behind my ear and I’m yours forever.
  52. I have Lupus. Shitty thing to have.
  53. I can dance for hours on end.
  54. I hope to someday visit Athens and sit in the amphitheatre.
  55. Scrabble is my favourite board game.
  56. Both my grandmothers still live. 4 generations of strong woman… awesome yeah?!
  57. I was run over by a car when I was a child.
  58. I often get a giggling fit … I can’t stop myself.
  59. I have no balance. Eye-hand coordination is iffy too.
  60. I have a tendency to memorise the lyrics and notes to songs. My musical/lyrical knowledge base is something to brag about.
  61. I grind my teeth. Too often. Especially at my kids.
  62. I have never completed a rubic cube.
  63. My favourite subject in school was speech and drama.
  64. I sometimes snort when I laugh… loudly too.
  65. When I was 13, I did a modelling shoot for my cousin who was studying photography and took part in a beauty pageant a year later. What the fuck was I thinking! Oh, and I won by the way.
  66. I still have my appendix and tonsils. Actually all internal organs are still intact.
  67. Fancy stuff… that don’t impress me much!
  68. I am a sucker for little surprises.
  69. I talk to myself… often.
  70. I like photography. I am the designated snapper in my family.
  71. I have baked a birthday cake for every year that my children have turned older.
  72. I tend to read out aloud which seems to annoy many people.
  73. I like drive inns. Safe drive inns that is!
  74. I am a terrible liar. My face is the easiest to read. That just sucks piles.
  75. I am pretty easy to get along with.
  76. I like bargain hunting. Cheap skate of note!
  77. The TV has no appeal to me.
  78. My paternal grandfather was the only man I idolised. He was a boxer and he had the funniest and most interesting stories to tell about his younger years. I miss him.
  79. I cannot bake scones no matter how many times I try.
  80. I am not very adventurous with food.
  81. 2ply…. oh yeah baby.
  82. I am a terrible loser when it comes to games.
  83. I avoided all sports in school.
  84. I have an extra tooth growing on my pallet.
  85. I prefer being at home with friends than a night on the town.
  86. I hate the freckles and pigmentation on my face.
  87. I am pretty good at sewing and shit.
  88. There is just something about a man in glasses…hmmm…hmmm…. hmmmm.
  89. I have a VERY high threshold for pain.
  90. My toes have to always be painted. It’s an OCD thing I think.
  91. I prefer sweet to savoury.
  92. I strongly believe dragons existed.
  93. I know what it feels like to be at your lowest.
  94. I can’t live without my Labello (cherry).
  95. I have been deep sea fishing.
  96. I play with my boobies… Often
  97. Handwritten love notes…. I dig that.
  98. I enjoy everything mother earthish.
  99. I like hiking, exploring and being outdoors in general. Must remember to wear a hat though!
  100. I found someone who actually loves and encourages the flawed, broken, crazy me… Just as I am.

And that is 100 things


I want you to know


I look at you, and wonder…. where has it all gone?

Time certainly has not stood still.

You have changed. You have grown. You have matured. But you are still learning.

For the past few days, allot of different thoughts and emotions has been going on in me

Siara, as much as we chat, giggle and fool around with a whole range of topics both silly and serious… I would like you to take note of these… cos I think they are important to remember

that…Being a girl is not an excuse.

Be your own woman. Do not be what they expect you to be. Do not fall prey to the stereotypes that have fallen onto girls. You can do anything that you set your mind to do. Do not sell yourself short. If anyone tells you differently, take it as an opportunity to correct the misconception. Be independent.

that…There will always be someone telling you you’re ‘being selfish’ or ‘doing it wrong’.

As your mother, I will  be there to guide you. But, there will always be someone who will tell you HOW you should be. HOW you should do things. There will always be the HOW. Know that You need learn to go your own way, You need to care more about what you want and how you think you should be doing things and worry less about everyone else. This is hard for me as I am a kinda control freak. But I know that in order to be the best you…. you need to be you and not what everyone else wants you to be

that…You don’t have to have children.

Please please please note … that I would love to have grandkids. And this is not me saying that should not…. But I know that having kids is not for everyone. And that is ok. No one should ever make you feel pressured or not good enough if you don’t want to. Don’t feel pressured to do anything you do not want to.

that…You don’t have to get married.

It is not a requirement in life. You need to first learn to stand on your own two feet, to understand yourself, to know your needs, to know what you want.  And when you find that person that doesn’t define you are but compliments who you are … do what your heart feels right and what brings YOU happiness. Love and Commitment does not come from a piece of paper.

that…Respect yourself.

This is the most important. As you are growing and entering your teenage years, remember this. You have got to have some self-respect. You have got to show yourself that self respect. Learn to stand your ground for what you believe. Don’t let yourself be walked over by people. Don’t be put into compromising situations that you are not comfortable with. And if you are, respect yourself enough to get out of it. No one will respect you more than you respect yourself. So set the bar high!!

These are my words to you, mummy’s not so little girl…

I quite like this … so I am sharing :)

Do the things you used to talk about doing but never did.

Know when to let go & when to hold on tight.

Stop rushing.

Don’t be intimidated to say it like it is.

Stop apologizing all the time.

Learn to say no, so your yes has some oomph.

Spend time with the friends who lift you up & cut loose the ones who bring you down.

Stop giving your power away.

Be more concerned with being interested than being interesting.

Be old enough to appreciate your freedom, & young enough to enjoy it.

Finally… know who you are.

~ K. Armstrong

Just BE!!!


Give yourself permission every day to just BE! Enjoy the gift of BEing who you already are!

I came  across these words today and it somehow just rang so true…. it resonates so many different things to different people.

For some it resonates the permission to be themselves …
For me…. it resonates peace …
Too often we spend our days in a whirlwind of activity, never giving ourselves permission to simply BE. To Slow down. To take time to enjoy a quiet moment …
And just enjoy Who You already Are
Something to think about….. right???

Ch… ch…. ch….changes…..

Change is good. Change is unavoidable.

Without change, there is no progress. And I suppose we need to change to grow.

However, not all change is for the better. well that’s how I see it… now

After all the curve balls that has been thrown at me…. after allowing these things to change me, they way I thought, who I was, who I am, …. thinking back…. reflecting… there are some of the things that we should never change about ourselves… EVER

Like ……

The little things that make us smile
They make us smile for a reason. They make our lives worth living. They make us happier.

Our sense of humor
There will be times when there is darkness in our lives, but being able to laugh and see the humour in our everyday makes it bearable.

Our hobbies
They do more good than you realise.. promise

Our True friends
They will always be your safety net

Our energy
Without it, there is no life. Really…..

The way we get excited about the littlest of things
The littlest things have a way of being the things that make our lives amazing.

The way we love
We may have been hurt, disappointed or let down in love, but Don’t lose the essence of love. It’s the most beautiful thing in the world and can always be had once more.

Your faith
In yourself, in others, in God.

I am sure that there is allot more things that we should not change about ourselves amidst this ever-changing world… these are just a few that popped into my head while writing this.


What would your list be??

It’s Over!!!

It has been a while since I blogged. In fact, it has been a while since I did much actually…

Apart from the usual duties that a slave needs to do….

The couch has been a really lovely and inviting spot and I think I can partly blame it on the weather…. actually yes… They cold, dry nipple standing season fondly known as winter is not my get up and go motivator.

But now, with warmer weather, sandal wearing being half-naked season has reared its lovely head, so has my motivation and zest for life.

This lazy winter hibernation that I had, had some good outcomes though.

Laziness does not have to be seen as the Big Bad Wolf…. it somehow gives you a chance to relax, take a step back and give ourselves and our brains a rest from this fast-paced, technology-filled world.

The world where we are constantly carry the feeling that we should always be doing something.

So I did nothing…. well not nothing…. but to other eyes it might have looked that way…

By chillaxing on the couch…. I actually picked up a book and read after so a very long time….. and I found out… I flippen love it….

By daydreaming … I set some goals for the last remaining part of the year… all neatly and obtainably set out in my head off course… let’s hope with old age and determination I can accomplish it…

By being as sick as a cow… I realised the seriousness of my disease again … and even when I lose all personality, I have a hand to hold…

By being so lax … I allowed my mind to heal…. and I am ready to charge forward with renewed energy…

By being lazy … I let things be, not rushing it… letting it all unfold a day at a time. BUT there is only so long that I can hibernate….

The thought of sunshine and rain, seeing my goals unfold, and the restlessness of my soul…. HIBERNATION IS OVER…


So, it actually turns out that being lazy is in fact good for you. It not only boosts your productivity but makes you happier and focuses your attention.

So take some time off on that couch … it will benefit you in the long run.

Maybe not as long as I did… but hey… don’t judge :)