The moon

She dances with the moon beams

beneath the night sky

To  soak up its rays

And let the magic ignite.

It keeps all her secrets

It lights up her face

It see’s all her tears

It comforts her fears

It holds all her dreams

And promises it keeps.

For the moon is her protector

It watches over her

It shines it’s very brightest 

to shower its magic over her.




P.S. I was lucky enough to get a picture of the blood moon the other evening. Sadly it was not as red as in other parts of the world , nevertheless it’s beauty was overwhelming.


She has a quiet confidence that screams loud

She is humble yet strong

She is stable but rebellious

She is giving but not naïve

She chooses her battles wisely

She’ll stay silent until its time to fight

and when that time comes…. FIGHT she does..


Next month is Lupus Awareness Month….. but every day should be…..

Going nuts….

There are times when my kitchen has familiar smells… smells that I love…. smells that immediately transport me to a time and place where life was good…

Good not only because life was much less stressful…. but mostly because of the memories. Memories of coming home from school to the aroma’s of food and treats that overwhelm your nose as you enter the driveway. Memories of my darling grandmother always in the kitchen.

I remember my grandmother surprising each of us with our favourite favourites when we got back from school, or her waking up earlier in the mornings on weekends to prepare favourite breakfasts… or even the home-made deserts.
All of these was always prepared with such love and affection …I think maybe that is why it always tasted oh sooooooooo good …
hmmm … methinks that is where I actually got it from… this being in the kitchen and spoiling the one’s I love with their favourite meals, deserts, or snacks…

Anyways….. The other night was one of those nights…. my home smelled familiar…. seeing the impatience on my daughters face as she waited, paced and kept checking the stove to see if it was ready, was familiar…. that look I must admit thrills me everytime….

Although my children have become more ‘westernised’ in their eating habits, they have been introduced (sometimes forcibly) to the time old favourites of my childhood and off course the traditional cooking that most people have strayed from over the years….I am glad that there are loads that they do enjoy and look forward to… especially Siara… she loves having curries and the samoosa’s and the savouries etc… Siarn on the other hand…. fook… he should be not be classified as Indian at all… he dislikes curries, and biryani .. and and and… to the point where it can take him hours to finish a meal…. but give him pizza…. or something similar… and it is devoured within minutes….

Right… back to the smells…. this week  Siara came home with an excellent report … and so Mummy decided to treat her… to food off course…. so my little madam got the chance to choose anything that she wanted to eat that we do not have often…
So here I was waiting for her to say in excitement… Briyani or something similar….. but Noooo … my little munchkin who sure does have an unusual pallet decides that she would like a snack instead… just because she is craving it …

well no better reason to have something I guess…

So off we went to the local fruit and vegetable store…. only because it has almost all the traditional stuff there
And we bought nuts….Nuts that you have to boil for hours (seriously hours if you don’t have a pressure cooker) …. nuts that servers as a perfect treat for chilli winter nights…… nuts that are healthy and yummy … nuts that gives you plenty of gas….


I remember growing these in our garden as a child…. and waiting patiently for the leaves to dry so that we can pick them….

So after a good few hours of being on the stove, my daughter went NUTS…. she devoured almost half of the pot … all before bedtime …. and for snacks in the lunch box the next morning… and off course… leftovers for after dinner….
I am predicting gassy weekend…


But I must admit…. the smell of the nuts boiling brought back such wonderful memories…. of my gran… of such love…. of HOME….

I would only hope that my children will one day have these similar memories of when their mummy used to make this or that…. because in truth, their mummy really does take joy in making their favourite things with a whole lotta love….


Warm and fuzzy feeling…

So there has been talk that I am not normal…..

Words like Crazy… Crack… Weird… Loopie… Freakazoid… has been used to describe me.

Don’t get me wrong…. I have no issue with that… In fact…. I agree… I am… I am different… And I like it..

I am not very sure why this thought had popped in my head now…. Maybe it’s because I tend to appreciate and love the little things more than the big fancy stuff… This is not a normal thing in this materialistic day and age…

Today… A friend gave me this…. My first plant in my new home….


The thought and gesture tugged at my heart-strings….

A month or so ago I received this…. Which I absolutely love…..


These are two of my favourite house-warming gifts thus far…

So….. I guess I am a sucker for the simplest inexpensive thoughtful gestures than being spoilt by fancy expensive things….

Feeling warm and fuzzy inside….

Tomorrow is never promised

This one thought has been stuck in my mind and as much as I push it out of my mind, it keeps coming back.

What if tomorrow never comes?

How many times have you walked away wishing that you had said something?

How many times have you wished that you would have told someone how you really felt before it was too late?

How many times you have wished that you would have never said something?

How many times have you wished you had taken that chance?

Waking up every morning is expected but you never know what can happen….

But of course this will never happen to us right??

BUT what if … just what if….  you were not to wake up??? how much would have been left unsaid that could have been said or done?

So why let fear get in your way. Say what you need to say, and do not regret it. Take the chance… Imagine how it will feel knowing that what you wanted to say will remain unsaid, maybe forever.

My outlook now, say what I feel or think….  life is too short to leave things unsaid.

And always always always remind my children how much I love them.. everyday….

Tomorrow isn’t promised so live today like it can be your last.

Soul food. ..

It’s amazing how you get disconnected from life. . you drift. . follow different paths in life. Meet different souls. .  ..
Some from birth. . and others met along the way.
There are some that will always be attracted to yours. . and will always find a way back. .. no matter the time.
Maybe because we need it for a reason… a season. .. I read that quote many times. .. but ask me to remember it. .. ?? but you know what I mean. . right?

Like these 2..

We met during our younger years. Way younger. . as young as 6 years old. . and they have become to me. . my family. . my safety net..

Although life drifted us apart for a while. .. We were reunited again . (that song reunited by Peaches and Herbs playing in my head).. and I am thankful for that…. Family and friends are so important in this path that we walk. They uplift us, they nurture our needs, they support us, they Love us…
The trigger that reunited us is a story for another day. .
So today after a month or so… We had a visit ..

And it made me realise how important it is to feeding all aspects of your soul. .
Another saying popped in my head. .. The best encounters are unplanned
This encounter was a spur of the moment idea. . and I am so pleased it happened. ..

We all needed the laughs
The advice
The jokes
The dirty jokes
and the supportive ear

I am truly blessed to have amazing souls touch my life …. and encounters with each one of them bring me to completeness and fulfilment

Encounters like these are important soul food…
I hope you take the time to make the time for it…. cos it certainly feeds the soul….