Ch… ch…. ch….changes…..

Change is good. Change is unavoidable.

Without change, there is no progress. And I suppose we need to change to grow.

However, not all change is for the better. well that’s how I see it… now

After all the curve balls that has been thrown at me…. after allowing these things to change me, they way I thought, who I was, who I am, …. thinking back…. reflecting… there are some of the things that we should never change about ourselves… EVER

Like ……

The little things that make us smile
They make us smile for a reason. They make our lives worth living. They make us happier.

Our sense of humor
There will be times when there is darkness in our lives, but being able to laugh and see the humour in our everyday makes it bearable.

Our hobbies
They do more good than you realise.. promise

Our True friends
They will always be your safety net

Our energy
Without it, there is no life. Really…..

The way we get excited about the littlest of things
The littlest things have a way of being the things that make our lives amazing.

The way we love
We may have been hurt, disappointed or let down in love, but Don’t lose the essence of love. It’s the most beautiful thing in the world and can always be had once more.

Your faith
In yourself, in others, in God.

I am sure that there is allot more things that we should not change about ourselves amidst this ever-changing world… these are just a few that popped into my head while writing this.


What would your list be??

It’s Over!!!

It has been a while since I blogged. In fact, it has been a while since I did much actually…

Apart from the usual duties that a slave needs to do….

The couch has been a really lovely and inviting spot and I think I can partly blame it on the weather…. actually yes… They cold, dry nipple standing season fondly known as winter is not my get up and go motivator.

But now, with warmer weather, sandal wearing being half-naked season has reared its lovely head, so has my motivation and zest for life.

This lazy winter hibernation that I had, had some good outcomes though.

Laziness does not have to be seen as the Big Bad Wolf…. it somehow gives you a chance to relax, take a step back and give ourselves and our brains a rest from this fast-paced, technology-filled world.

The world where we are constantly carry the feeling that we should always be doing something.

So I did nothing…. well not nothing…. but to other eyes it might have looked that way…

By chillaxing on the couch…. I actually picked up a book and read after so a very long time….. and I found out… I flippen love it….

By daydreaming … I set some goals for the last remaining part of the year… all neatly and obtainably set out in my head off course… let’s hope with old age and determination I can accomplish it…

By being as sick as a cow… I realised the seriousness of my disease again … and even when I lose all personality, I have a hand to hold…

By being so lax … I allowed my mind to heal…. and I am ready to charge forward with renewed energy…

By being lazy … I let things be, not rushing it… letting it all unfold a day at a time. BUT there is only so long that I can hibernate….

The thought of sunshine and rain, seeing my goals unfold, and the restlessness of my soul…. HIBERNATION IS OVER…


So, it actually turns out that being lazy is in fact good for you. It not only boosts your productivity but makes you happier and focuses your attention.

So take some time off on that couch … it will benefit you in the long run.

Maybe not as long as I did… but hey… don’t judge :)

Mother Earth Rocks!!!

Regular centering and clearing ourselves is vital to our well-being.

And, if you know me, you would know that I need nature to recharge my batteries. The earth, the sea, the moon are some of the things that centres me and brings me back to life.

A five hour trip to a mountain lodge this weekend did exactly that.

There was promises of a magical weekend, as a forest driveway greeted us.


The excitement, the oohing and ahhing from Siara and myself were amusing.

And the weekend was everything that it promised…..

Mornings with a view like this was just what my soul need


Once everyone decided to get their lazy bums out of bed,  our day of adventure could begin


We saw the unusual


We learnt a little more about nature


and we drew as much energy from mother earth as we could




which then led to some well deserved warmth, marshmallows and craziness





We returned home revitalised, a little crazier, a little wiser and definitely stress free….

Mother Earth Rocks!!!!!



10 Years and counting

I cannot believe that today we celebrate your 10th birthday.


It has been an amazing journey with you thus far Siara, you really have been our little miracle baby.

I know how much you love hearing the story about how mummy found out I was going to be a mummy… and I am not going to tell it again today, but it was also the first time I heard your heartbeat … and after all those years, you finally chose me to be your mummy. It really was worth the wait, and I do hope that I live up to your expectation.

I know that you are going to read this in a bit, or when you get home this evening. I bet you have been waiting to see what I blog about you….

Here you go my sweet potato

I love watching you grow. I love seeing who you are becoming. I love learning from you.  And I love love love being your mummy…. although there are times when I grind my teeth at you and we have our arguments etc, you are my babygirl….and I love you to the moon and back.

You have grown into a one independent, feisty, stubborn, crazy yet beautiful, loving, caring little person… just like me :P

So you are waiting to read this one right? The 10 things that I love about you…..

I know it’s going to make you smile and frown at the same time…

  1. I love that you still need me in your life
  2. I love that you make breakfast for you and your brother when mummy is not well
  3. I love that you are stubborn about your beliefs
  4. I love that you make me the sweetest handmade cards
  5. I love the way you get angry with us for poking fun at you
  6. I love that I get letters from you
  7. I love that you get so emotional about stuff
  8. I love that you love my food… and you brag about it too
  9. I love that you make me a better person
  10. And I will always love your laugh….. no matter how old you get, or how many times I say it…. it is one of my favourite sounds in the world

Today, I have one piece of advice for you poeps…. Don’t change the way you are…. NOT FOR ANYONE….

Everything that you are…. your smile, your laugh, your mean streak, your willingness to help, your mind, your ideas, your creativity, your independence, your stubbornness, your precious heart….. It makes you YOU…. and I so love the You that you are…


Happy Birthday my sweet angel….  I could not have asked a better daughter than you…. you are the best….

Get in on it….

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

This quote depicts allot of what I feel on bad days. It rings through for so many of us.

May is Lupus Awareness month, and May 10th is World Lupus Awareness Day.


Do you know what Lupus is? Did you know that there is no cure for lupus?

If you are living with Lupus, know or love someone with Lupus or don’t even know what Lupus is, watch this video from Youtube. She is pretty informative and will hopefully shed a little more light on this Lupie subject.

here is the video

We do need more awareness and research. Like all Life Threatening diseases, we too would like a cure.

There is a drive to get the social media involved in raising the awareness. This video is from a research group. They too believe that social media is a forum for sharing stories and gaining insight into this debilitating disease. Through social media, we can also convey the importance of finding better treatments and ultimately a cure.

Here is the video

As most suffers and supporters alike know, we have a silent invisible disease. But we need not be silent. We need not be invisible. We need to Get in on it and spread the word…. and we need your help too for this.

So I went through a good few videos today and there were so many that were so very moving, and so many hit the nail on the head. Not just about the symptoms etc., but about the mind of a lupus person.

5 stages of lupus, is an interesting video which sheds some light into the mind of a Lupie. Check it out

here is the video

I am incredibly blessed to be in a decent place at the moment. but I  can relate to almost every thing in this little video.

I have been in “Lupie Land” for a long time now. It is a place where I almost always feel tired. I have pain. I’ve been sick. I have been a total whack job due to medication. I’ve fought like crazy to not be crazy. I sometimes itch and swell. I sometimes break out in bruises in the weirdest places. I had to adjust. I will never be the same.

I was asked once, what is the hardest part about living with Lupus.

My answers -
My children. I have so missed so many precious moments. Like not being able to carry them when they got heavier, the older they get they don’t really understand why you cannot make those cookies today, or take a walk in the park, or carry them to bed … My heart saddens at that the thought
The unknown. Not knowing when my next flare might be, or not knowing if the next cold can become serious. Not knowing how long this remission will last. Will I feel good for a long time? Not having enough energy to achieve all the dreams my crazy heart has dreamt up.
My independence. I am independent. I am strong willed, maybe sometimes too strong. It has been very hard to learn to reach out and ask for help. There have been time when the help needed was obvious like opening a jar, but other times the help was not so obvious and I had to swallow my pride.

What most people take for granted, we are ever so grateful especially when we can peel a potato, have a good sleep, or  remember everything we wanted to.

So before I forget, GET IN ON IT please.

If all of us do our part, write a blog post, re tweet this post, share on facebook, pass on info.. whatever. Each step is a step closer to awareness, understanding and acceptance. It is the easiest thing we can do, but collectively will make a difference. Please GET IN ON IT.


Oh Boy, what a fight!!

I never thought seeing something like this was possible… and even better was to see the outcome which was certainly an unexpected turn of events for sure.

It all began on the late afternoon drive. We were merrily driving along… looking for my bird and any other unsuspecting animals, when we approached a small group of cars that had stopped on the road.

Off course, our first thought was… a big cat?

But this was not the case.
Our dreams certainly was not shattered though. This was a sighting that still stirs up conversation. It really was something out of National Geographic’s I tell you!

So anyway, we approached the area of the stationery cars with caution as right there in the middle of the road a snake was tumbling and rolling… and we thought WTF is that snake up to…

And then, out of nowhere, the chameleon broke free.

We were witnessing a live bad ass match between a Chameleon and a Boomslang…. WOW..

So they rolled and rumbled, they bit and scratched. They had brief rest periods before the next round began.

This was one nail biting fight….. and here we were… all rooting for the underdog to come out tops….

The chameleon in the grips of it's predator

The chameleon in the grips of it’s predator

And the fight is ON!

And the fight is ON!

Putting up a fight!

Putting up a fight!

Going back to it's corner!

Going back to it’s corner!

Looks like the snake is winning this round

Looks like the snake is winning this round

Walking away like a Boss!

Walking away like a Boss!

As it walked away, the snake slithered into the bush in retreat.

And we all clapped and cheered for the Champion…. the chameleon won this fight… and hopefully more to come if it survives the bites that it received.

It was one entertaining and amazing sighting.

We stalked, We waited, it flew!

This weekend, was a holiday with a difference and a slight twist.

Since the separation, this was the first weekend that we spent as a family… on holiday too. I must admit that we were a bit concerned about doing this so soon. But I am happy to report… Fun was had, and after doing this, the best advice that I can give any divorcing couple with kids… try and keep things amicable… the kids really do benefit from it.

Anyways … Back to the weekend and My bird….

I have never been one for birds, let alone bird photography but this little bird has been my favourite since the first moment I laid eyes on it. Something strange came over me this weekend and the aim of our bush holiday became the exhausting yet patient wait for this beauty to take flight.


So after four days of me sitting/crouching/standing in awkward and weird positions for what seemed like hours every time we caught sight of this beautiful creature…
After us becoming stalkers as we followed each and every bird sighting as it flew from treetop to treetop…
After driving on just about all dirt roads we could so that Keri could get her picture..
After Ed and kids trying all antics and tactics allowed to get the bird to fly…
After all the other park visitors thinking that I was a crazy woman…
And after all their patience …. especially Ed’s (thank you)

These are some of what I managed to get… as I sadly had to give up the challenge for the weekend as it came to it’s end.

MY LILAC BREASTED ROLLER!!!! I don’t think my kids will ever forget this bird :)







How beautiful is this bird and it’s colours?

I really did enjoy the challenge to capture these fast beauties. I do have to practise more though ;)

Other Kruger park adventures will follow soon!!!