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Will I ever see those dragons?

As a little girl I enjoyed our road trips from durban to Johannesburg. Especially driving through the mystical drakensburg.

The landscape captivated me.

The mountains called me.

My imagination excited me.

I would imagine days gone by where no roads existed. A land of just trees and untamed landscapes.

I’d imagine groups of travellers exploring towns on horseback and foot. Making man made trails along their newly explored paths.

I’d picture my history lessons of time gone by where blood and victory spattered the land.

The most thrilling for me was seeing my fantasy novels come to life.

The magic

The wonder

The mystery

The adventures

All coming to life

I would picture each scene and chapter play out.

I’d imagine me intertwined in the adventure.

Oh what glorious road trips they were.

And when we stayed at the burg on family holidays

It left me hopeful

Left me more curious

I believed with all my heart that dragons resided in these mountains. I still do.

In a few weeks… I get to explore these wondrous mountains again.

I wonder whether our next adventure will ignite those almost forgotten memories.

Will I see those dragons?