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A Journey begins

This week has been incredible!!! I am not sure whether to class this as doing something you enjoy or simple pleasures that sets your soul alive. Well, either way, it was pure delight.

We are never too old to discover the new!

“But I figure you’re never too old to learn. That’s when you become old, when you stop being fascinated by things, when you stop wanting to learn and explore …”
Alexandra Potter, You’re (Not) the One: A Novel

I had my first photography adventure and I loved it. It began with me being the photographer at my friend’s dad’s party and then moved on to a photo-shoot of a new angel in our family.

Although, I have taken loads of pics, moments with my kids, family functions, the difference on this adventure was that it is not for my memory box but for someone else’s. I was capturing moments for someone else to relive. It was a daunting feeling. …. people were trusting me for their memories!!

Thoughts of  What if consumed my mind….  What if there is not enough light? What if all the pics are blur? What if they do not like the pictures? …

With all those what if’s.!!!!!  this is what I got

Beautiful decor

Amazing people

 Delectable appetizers

Here are some of  the most gratifying and unforgettable memories that I have had the pleasure of capturing (which has given me carpet burns too :)) … The new addition to our beautiful family circle and another soul to bring added joy into our lives.

My beautiful month old nephew Zarin…


Capturing these beautiful moments has awoken something in me….. And it has brought my soul to life!!!

The spiritual eyesight improves as the physical eyesight declines. Plato

And so my journey has begun!!!!


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