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Oh boy, I am broody!!

Around me there are families welcoming new additions. I see the excitement, the name searching and the prospect of a new love affair and it is making me a bit broody.

Yesterday, I went with a friend to the SPCA to look for her son’s birthday present. While oohing and aahing (and you know how much of this us women are capable of), we fell in love with those adorable kittens. A sweet ginger kitty has found a new home with my friend. Their playfulness and naughtiness melted my heart too. I am so a cat person!!

We already share our home with a cat and a dog, and they sure can drive me completely insane at times and now I find myself thinking of a third… (So can someone please smack me over the head now?)

Our beautiful cat adopted us when he was pretty old. He was a stray that we found in our garden often and one day decided to wander into our home and hearts, and now he is a permanent member.

An Aah moment right? 🙂 isn’t he cute…. and so loved by Siara… aka Almira (the Warner brothers cartoon character). Jokes aside she has so much love to give (bless her heart) that she is often seen in the act of ‘”I want to hug you and squeeze you into itty-bitty pieces!”. Needless to say that sometimes poor Jess (YES named after Postman Pat’s black and white cat, Yes the kids named him, and Yes he is Male), is not impressed with all the affection being stray for most of his life. And he is a cat after all. But he sure does entertain us with his playful nature.

About a year later, we welcomed a boisterous yet tolerant staffie into our lives.

Our home has never been the same since (seriously, this dog will lick you to death if he had the chance). I was a bit concerned at first bringing a staffie into our lives with two little children (and one being an Almira). He has had his ears pulled, been slept on, been used as a pony, sometimes I think that he enjoys this more than the kids.

And that’s the ooh moment for the day…. don’t be fooled by that face though!!! He goes by the name Milo (Yes the kids have christened him too) and he shows the MOST excitement to see our guests. A very expressive dog, I think he had ADD tendencies.

Now, I am a cat person at heart (did I mention that??), so much so that I have a tattoo of a cat on my back (yes it was during my crazy wild days). So I would love to have a little kitten playing around the house.

Edwin on the other hand has been also thinking about a playmate for our dog (or himself, I have not figured that one out as yet), so anyways he sent through pictures of puppies to me that made me even more broody (the nerve of him!!!)

How can you resist?   Yes an ooh and ahh moment!!

So the question is, will this broodiness go soon or will we welcome another member to the family that is going to either chew my furniture and shoes, or rip my curtains and sofas?

I can already imagine the arguments in my house should we decide on another pet. Will it be a cat or a dog? Who will house train it?  Will they be friends?

For now, I am just hoping this broodiness will pass!!!!!!!


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15 thoughts on “Oh boy, I am broody!!

  1. I hope the broodiness passes Kerina!
    If not I’m sure Milo would enjoy the company if you do decide to get a friend from him 🙂


  2. Oh Keri ! Wonderful article! N Pics too! Thoroughly enjoyed the read! Aah Babyboom has paused in the Family!! I think the climatic conditions are Favourable for Kittens!! We already have TinTin ,in the Moodley Family, whom I call TicTac cause He’s so full of Pranks n Mischief!! I Suggest you go de kitten way again…….LoL


  3. Keri, if I remember correctly, it was Ed who needed training on how to handle Milo! Kidding aside, staffies are so severely misunderstood and I’m so glad you took a chance on Milo. He is super affectionate and maybe if you brought a young ‘un into the house, he would treat it as his offspring and calm down a a bit 🙂

    L and I would LOVE to get a pet but living in a cramped city in a tiny apartment doesn’t allow for that. So sad cos I simply love animals.


  4. haha, he still needs the training by the way 🙂
    I think we are hoping that he might calm down IF we decide to go the route of a pup…
    You are more than welcome to have your fix of animals when you visit SA again at my place…. haha


  5. OMW Keri! Another Milo in da house… What r u thinking???
    Ok, jokes aside… ME think he’ll grow up and start acting all manly with a Bitch by his side…LOL!
    Ps. Luv ur blog!


  6. Desh and Penny, will have to seriously think about another animal in my house. Milo gave us a terrible scare this weekend. He was poisoned… not sure if my heart can take this.


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