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The Bad, the Good and the Worst!

Apparently women go through hormonal changes several times in the lives. These phases seem to hold different symptoms too.

My symptom resulted in my face looking like a volcanic landscape about to erupt. So I bite the bullet and visit the dermatologist… and what is revealed from this visit?….. I have acne … and a seriously dent bank balance.

Anyways, so now I have a wonder drug. YAYNESS..  And then I read the insert! Here’s a couple of effects this wonder drug will do

Dry skin – that’s going to make me look like the dragon that I am sometimes referred to

Dandruff – ahh beautiful soft snowflakes in my hair… GREAT!

Dry patches and peeling on the face – hmm bad case of psoriasis and sunburn at the same time???

Dry eyes – ok, so how much dryness is going to happen here???

Skin fragility – do not use waxing to remove hairs – wahoo!!! At least all the hair will cover the scales and dry bits…

I am sure many of you have had the pleasure of dealing with side effects?

So while having my moment (or two or three) about how delightful I am going to look and feel for the next few months, I find this posted on Facebook by a friend.  After having a chuckle…I understood

I realised that the bad is never good until the worst happens.

My good is that the dry look that I am going for will result in supple, acne free face!

What is your good?


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