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Do you like it or hate it?

I have loads of pet hates…. But this is by far the worst. I do not think that anything can come close to the fervent, intense hatred, loathing and displeasure that I feel about this

I simply HATE winter. As much as I try I just cannot see the positive side to this dreary, lifeless, bleak, miserable, dry cold season.

Yes, yummy creamy hot chocolate does take the chill away, but it sure adds a few more inches to the hips….

Beanies, pretty scarves, warm gloves, beautiful colourful jerseys, and boots somewhat help, but when you are wearing them with a million other layers underneath, I tend to look more like the Michelin man than cosy snuggly warm.

Even the thought of winter sends a chill to my soul!!!

I truly hate winter … oh did I already say that??? I wish that there was an option for us humans to choose to hibernate like bears during this season. Or better yet, can we please all just move to the northern hemisphere for a few months?? Now there is a plan… a hemisphere hopper!

I hate that I have to crawl out of my warm cosy bed (thanks to the heated blanket) at the wee hours of the morning. I hate sitting on the cold toilet seat at 5 in the morning when the temperature has not even reached the acceptable zero degrees as yet, and your pee feels like it is going to freeze before you even start

Even worse is getting out of the warm shower once you have frozen to get into it. A mistaken flick on your nipple will shatter it into pieces…. So be very careful people…. Winter can be dangerous too!!!

And all of this even before you have stepped out of the warmth of your house to brave the cold winter breeze that instantly gives you frost bite on the tip of your nose.

Oh! And then the fact that you are more housebound on most weekends and evening.  All because leaving the house results inyour teeth constantly chattering, Popsicle looking things hanging from kids noses, blue fingers and toes and a miserable mood and a stiff body… I admit that I try my best to “hibernate” during this season… my social life is non-existent just like the beautiful colourful flowers and the wonderful summer breeze …

So friends and family please do not be offended when I politely decline invites and requests….. It is only because hate winter….

Summer,PLEASE PLEASE come back!!! Dresses, sandals, the outdoors and warmth are just a few of my favourite things….

Winter is certainly not one of my favourite things!

Do you like or hate the cold months?


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8 thoughts on “Do you like it or hate it?

  1. I like winter and missed it when I’ve lived in warmer countries. My only little note on that though is that I like it during December. That’s it. After Christmas I’d happily be done with it. And now I live in a place where it’s winter something like 10 months of the year and am kind of feeling “be careful what you wish for” regarding my previous nostalgia for snow!


  2. OMW, Winter for 10 months of the year? How cold is it there for these winter months? And is the summer warm?
    I do not think I will survive at all 🙂


  3. Holy cow!! I am frozen just looking at those temp. How do you cope? I am in awe of your bravery!
    I highly doubt that I would survive!


  4. I love somethings about it. I am just so grateful to be living in a country were it lasts just a few months.

    I was watching Sky news the other morning…and they were so excited that it was a max if 17 degrees, and it was going to be a warm summers day. And i flicked to our weather, and we were having a max of 17 degrees, and saying how cold it was 🙂

    i’ll put up with with ours for a few months, thanks 🙂


  5. I do feel for those countries that have such extreme weather conditions. I must admit SA has wonderful weather. I suppose I should not complain as you are right, it is only for a few months.
    Which country are you in?


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