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A day with nature

I have not been much of a bird person until our first trip to the Kruger National Park over 12 years ago where hubby and I spent 2 weeks in absolute captivation of the natural beauty that surrounded us. Since then we were so hooked, that annual visits to the Park is a must. And lucky for us, the children now share the same love and appreciation for the park  The Bush Experience.

Anyways, during that first trip to the wild, I fell in love with this pretty little bird… the lilac breasted roller… and lucky for me I got to see it again on our day trip to the Pilanesburg Nature Reserve


Here are more pics of the beautiful bird life at the Pilanesburg Nature Reserve…


Apart from the bird life, these are some of the wildlife that resides in the Park


Sadly, we did not see any of the Big 5, but we did get to have a relaxed and enjoyable day out.

Do you have a favourite bird or animal that you enjoy seeing in its natural habitat?

Did I capture any of your favourites?


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