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Can you justify it?

Maybe this is just me, but I cannot imagine hurting my children.

Do not get me wrong, I do sometimes give them a smack or two but that is as far as it goes. Not in a million years have I ever thought of harming them in some way.

I do not understand how some people can actually physically harm their kids or even take their lives. Innocent children that clearly have not made the choice to leave this world are cruelly and thoughtlessly murdered by their parents.

This week, we received news that a family member has taken his life. What upsets and baffles me about this is that along with his life, the life of his 4-year-old daughter ended too. Yes, you make a choice that your life and situation is so awful that the only option is to end it by death… good and well…. But what gives anyone the right to decide that your child chooses the same fate?

I do understand that sometimes life does get bad, very bad. But can it get that horrific that you have no other choice? And why do you need to take away a child’s life as well?  And then to watch your child dying in front of you and by your own hands too? It sends a cold shiver down my spine!!

The news is full of stories like this, parents burning their kids to death, parents abandoning their newborns in bins, parents beating their children to death

I look at these two innocent little beings

And I have a very hard time coming to terms with the cruel and twisted world that we live in. They have so much to still live for. Their first day in high school, their first kiss, living their dreams, living life!

And then I think about this little 4-year-old, that will not have the chance for any of these, because it was cruelly taken away from her… and by someone who has given her life!!

Siara and Siarn, please remember that there is always a choice. When life gets to the point where you feel you cannot take it anymore, no matter how hard or dreadful things get remember that there is no shame in asking for help. You always have people around that care enough to give you help… your parents are one those people.

Never forget that your situation will always have a different outlook after a good chat to someone, after some time that has passed, and after a sleeping on your decisions, or when everything is out into perspective.

Never forget that we will never give up on you both, so never give up on yourselves no matter what!!!

We love you both UNCONDITIONALLY!

 I am still trying very hard to put this horrifying act into perspective or understanding. I would like to hear what other parents or parents to be think about this?  Can you justify it?


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  2. Beauriful thoughts, touching words & such lovely kids! The quote so perfectly defines the way forward.

    Reading the purpose of your blog and of your dedication to alleviate the suffering of the unfortunate makes wish you the very best in your noble quest.

    Regards & Cheers 🙂


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