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I would like my handbag back please!!

I saw this pic and found it quite amusing. More so because truth be told, the contents of my handbag ALWAYS has more than what it is actually intended to have. 

When the kids were younger, I recall my bag being filled with toy cars, little dolls, snotty tissues, and wet wipes that have been used to clean dirty hands and faces and off especially when there are no dustbins around to discard.

Sadly, not much has changed since they have grown a bit. My kids insist on carrying small toys, their camera, their technical gadgets, pens and paper to write with to shops or the restaurants. After a while, the familiar question that has that recognisable ring is vocalised…. “Mummy, please can you carry this for me??”. This is when I slide into my usual tangent, “But I have told you guys not to carry these” or “so why did you decide to bring these if they are too heavy to carry”…. But off course I cave in and it goes straight into mummy’s handbag.

So if I have to go through the contents of my bag today, what will I find?

Here it is… A small toy car bought at one of those machines at our Spur, a dinosaur, a few hairbands that are pink and silver(definitely not mine), a few clips. Oh look! A used tissue as well, (guess that has not changed since their younger years).  Let’s not forget the lip balm that turns your lips red, and it is a Tinkerbell one (hmm…could that be mine????)

The best part is that Siara carries a small handbag, which is supposed to have her stuff in it, but as always, mummy ends up carrying 2 bags ….. This just looks ridiculous!

I have tried to buy a small bag, just so that my necessities fit in. Sadly and hilariously I find myself struggling to fit in these “unwanted” items into it…. So I have given up and succumbed to the “I am a mummy, and this is what my handbag looks like” … but I clever now (if I am say so myself J), I have a weekend bag for the family and a weekday bag for the office …. Good planning hey

Am I alone in this? What are the contents of your handbag after this weekend?


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4 thoughts on “I would like my handbag back please!!

  1. This blog brings back memories! My handbag changed into a briefcase when my children became teens. I would hide my handbag in the truck of the car and would only drag it out when I needed to look more like a “lady.” Gone were the days of my sweeter memories of ordering the kids to hold my hand in a parking lot or crossing the street. No more digging in my ‘Purse’ as we Alabama Southerners call it, for the childrens’ treasures. It became all business with the briefcase holding the items to conduct business with. Now that has gone by the wayside too, as retirement days have changed life again. I am back to the ‘purse’ or handbag stage in my life and each week the thing gets heavier. Now, its pills, tissues, cosmetics to color my aging lips and face, creams to soften the dry skin, appointment book to keep up with doctors appointments, and my crossword puzzles to keep me busy when I have to wait in the doctors office. Oh, to go back to the days of looking for toys in my purse. I love to read what you young mothers write as it takes me back to a precious time in my life. Now, I must admit, grandchildren have kept me young at heart, but they too grow up and I enter even another cycle.


  2. I am glad I have brought back some wonderful memories. And agreed, we miss the good memories of the past. Enjoy the grandkids, and soon the great gran kids. 🙂


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