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Dear Blog – A weekend to remember!

Dear Blog,

Shew!! What a weekend this was…

Friday – 5 October 2012

6 am – we woke up early to get the packing and final preparations completed for our long-awaited weekend away to celebrate our remarkable mother, grandmother and great-grandmother. Exciting!!!

7 am – News arrived that there was a death in the family.  An amazingly wonderful man who has been dear to us all passed away. Shocker!!!

7.10 am – 10.30 am – Now what? Phone calls and decisions were now being discussed on whether the family get together will still be going ahead in light of the news. As we have paid and prepared for the trip, cancelling was not our first option. Further phone calls and discussions around the what if’s and the what are we going to do! We now wait for the final funeral arrangements to be made, as this was dependant on our trip. Waiting in anticipation!

11 am – 12 am – Further calls, and then Finally! The funeral was going to be held on the Sunday. So we now prepare to leave for the trip although the trip will be shortened to attend the funeral on Sunday! What a relief to know that our planned weekend will still happen. Bitter sweet as it may be, life does go on, and the celebration of both a life well spent, and a life being spent will be remembered for years to come. Oh the rush!!

1 pm – 11 pm – Car is packed, kids in car, we were now ready for our road trip. The 5 hour trip to the Drakensberg was filled with eager anticipation of getting there through a very treacherous and awful road to the resort. Some family members were ahead of us, but most were behind us, and we all eagerly awaited the arrival of everyone that was arriving from both Johannesburg and Durban until the late hours of Friday evening. Loads of noise, eating and news was shared but No pictures were taken as everyone arrived late and tired. Whew, we are all here!

Saturday – 6 October 2012

The entire day – Our day was spent with much fun and laughter as we all shared quality time as a family. This is something that does not happen very often as logistically we can never find a weekend that we are all available. Even this weekend, we missed a few of the cousins and their families as they were unable to attend. But despite the missing few, we made the most of the one full day that we had together.

 Here are some of the pics that were taken on the day.

The Gals having a good time
Kids enjoying the indoor heated pool
Fun on the slides
The Great Grandkids, minus a few
The Grandkids, also minus a few
The grand daughters that were there!
The Proud mum with all her children
My beautiful Grand Mothers!
The youngest great-grandchild and my gorgeous nephew!


I love my grandma

After the day at the pool and a moreish dinner, we then had a small party cos who can resist blowing out 80 candles!! And there was no way that we would let the day go without a PARTY! (cos that’s how we roll in this family :))

Sunday – 7 October 2012

6 am – wearily we woke up to the sounds of blazing alarms to remind us to pack our bags and head back on the long road home. Again on that awful road that would lead us to a place where we could celebrate the life of a very special man and to say our final goodbyes to him. May his soul rest in peace.


What a rushed yet awesome and sad weekend!

I am glad that we had this time together. I am glad that we did not cancel. I am glad that in all of life’s uncertainties, we can still be certain of the love and togetherness our families bring.

This was a weekend that will be etched in everyone’s memories till the end of time.



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