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Beautiful people, gorgeous children and rejuvenation!

After my weekend of partying with friends, being terribly fragile the next day and the stress of knowing the hectic work week that awaits me, the need for a relaxing Sunday was desperately needed.

So amidst the threatening showers that loomed over our heads, we spent the warm Sunday afternoon chilling with the elders of our family as well as the gorgeous youngsters… and yes the best part was that I did not have to slave in the kitchen for our Sunday meal. The kids were entertained while the adults sipped on breezers and enjoyed each others company.

Having the elders from the Old School joining our day, we did things the Indian way :).. taking our cooked meal to the park with (undas as we Indians call it due to the fact that we carry the meals in the big pots that it was cooked in). A cultural habit that I look so forward to during occasions like this and we could feed an army too!! Seriously.

Delectable biryani was prepared by my talented and our very own master chef… my gran… she is a vixen in the kitchen, and My Goodness was I stuffed beyond belief after having this

Tempting don’t you think?

I think the best part of my day though, was the chance to be one with my camera again, I sure missed it. I soooo needed it!

Here are some pics of the beautiful new generation that we are so blessed to have.

Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart

These little angels certainly fills my heart!!!

I am now rejuvenated  from a wonderful day doing what I so enjoy!

Work – Bring it on!!!


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