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Tis the Season!

It is amazing how people and lives change as soon as the silly season peeks its annual head at us. Parties are planned. Weekends are filled with family and friends gathering to enjoy each others company and to celebrate the end of another year.

Hearts are opened wider to the less fortunate and needy. The spirit of helping others seems to really take a different view (which is so awesome to see).

Christmas trees and colourful decorations have started to adorn stores, thank goodness the music has not though. Although I enjoy being swept into the festive spirit, the likes of continuously listening to Boney M does not really tickle my fancy.

What does tickle my fancy though is that all kids, young and old look forward to Christmas. Shopping at the malls, decorating the trees, singing christmas carols. Moods are definitely lifted to a different high!!

All this is caused by no other that the famous St Nicholson, affectionately known as Santa. He is said to bestow gifts to ALL the children that has been good… hmm!! So as Santa’s mail boxes are carefully placed at malls entrances, many eager kids will soon be queuing up to post their request, dreams and wishes to the North Pole.

Ah!! The North Pole! A place where Santa and his little helpers make it their duty to read every request from the little girls and boys that have written to them. How cool! They sure read fast though!

So, this year, my precious little girl has decided to jump on the band wagon and put pen to paper. She has decided to send her requests to Santa. Clearly in hope that she will have something on the list!! *eye brow raised*

She is a creative little soul, so off course, the envelope was the first to be designed and made.

Once she has made VERY sure that Santa will know exactly where she stays and if they forgot, then mum and dad’s name should help…. If only she knew (poor little thing)… mum and dad have not been very good this year 🙂 ha-ha

And then why not add a little compliment, just to sweeten up the request, she is certainly learning fast!

This then leads to the most important part to the letter, the request…

Can a little girl need ALL of this???

Well let’s see what Santa will decide to put under our Christmas tree, but it certainly will not be the SAMSUNG GALAXY 🙂

But dream big baby girl!!…. one day those dreams will come true.

I hope that everyone has a magically festive season! Be Safe and be happy!


A working mother who lives in Johannesburg. I thrive on coffee to keep me sane, music to soothe my soul, reading to pretend that I am clever, and most importantly my kids to know that I am loved.

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