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My answer

Some days it would just help if the world would stand still for me to catch my breath.

Unfortunately, it won’t.

Work has been insanely crazy since the start of the new year,  and if you are a working parent, you’ll probably understand what I mean. These daily demands often require more than your batteries can supply right?.

But while I’d like nothing more than to bask in some blissful uninterrupted “time”, the only time available seems to be between 2 and 4 in the morning!  provided that there is no deadlines to meet or insomnia itself!!

So how do some parents  juggle work, family and all the little surprises life springs on us, and still have time to recharge their batteries?

Well if anyone has a tried and tested answer, please feel free to pass it along.

Until then my sanity seems to live in quick online games, quick surfing of the net, quick chit chats and catch ups,

and the instant sight of these two


Methinks I have found the answer!!!  … although they sometimes contribute to my loss of sanity 🙂


A working mother who lives in Johannesburg. I thrive on coffee to keep me sane, music to soothe my soul, reading to pretend that I am clever, and most importantly my kids to know that I am loved.

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