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Proud Mummy Moment

It is amazing how when you become a parent, your children will do and say things that can melt your heart, that you are so proud of, that brings  you such joy, that you laugh hysterically at… (let’s leave all the frustrating bits for another time…. cos they don’t happen as often as the happier moments)

It’s moments like these that you know why you love being a parent…

This weekend I have had the pleasure of having one of these proud mummy moments, a moment where you feel like your heart is going to burst from pure joy.  (And I just had to share :))

My little madam had the task of baking on her own without adult help for the first time. (now this is a first as I am one of those mum’s that will help … *blushing slightly*)


With that gorgeous smile, my baby girl

baked a caked….

Made patterns with plastic icing,

and Iced the cake


This is my little girls first ever creation on her own…..

Tasting this creation was just so….  yummylicious…. (and I am not just saying that cos I am her mum :))

Her brother telling her that it is best cake he has had … was a precious moment that will be captured forever.

The look on my little girls face with all the praises, comments and us devouring the cake…. my heart simply sang with joy

For those that know me a tad will know that I enjoy my kitchen from time to time.  And I have always tried to encourage the kids to join me when I am baking etc., although let’s face it… it is not something that children enjoy very often. I have this silly belief that home-made cakes for certain occasions are more special… I actually think it is more that mummy has more joy out of it than anything else, but nevertheless…. it is a tradition that I try to uphold.


it is all about that feeling that you feel when you see someone really enjoy what you have created with your hands and mind….

it is all about looking at what you have created and being proud of it…

it is about enjoying what you have just accomplished….

And MY little girl has just had her first moment of this….. her first moment of baking pride…. and now she is eager to do it again…. 🙂

Here is Siara’s very first cake creation…..


And here are some of mummy’s creations




Me thinks she is going to be just like mummy…. STILL  BURSTING WITH PRIDE !!! (can you tell?)


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