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Be your own kind of beautiful

I read this status update on Facebook today … and was taken by surprise as it is from a beautiful young woman….

The status went “How many drinks do you need before you feel beautiful”….. My initial thought was why oh why!!!!

Then I remembered all the negative comments and remarks that society seems to have about how woman should look, act and basically be.

The magazine perfect beautiful woman, with skinny bodies, and flawless skin… yes… any woman slightly larger than a size 6 would feel terribly inferior… and yes…. Ugly…

My question is

  • Why does society do this…..?
  • Why do woman do this to themselves?

Then I remembered……

  • We all follow suit like brainwashed cows being led to the field
  • We all believe what people say to us about how we should dress and look to be considered beautiful

I say Bullshit….. And someday Siara, I hope that you will say and believe the same.


I for one do not wear makeup, my clothes are not from boutiques, my nails are not perfectly manicured and jewellery is worn on occasion.

And yet I believe that I am a beautiful woman… because I am ME…. yes, there are times when one falters and jumps on the band wagon… but thankfully I do not like sitting on that wagon for long…

Siara, and whoever else is reading this… Do not believe the fickleness of people…. being beautiful is only partially what is on the outside….. Being beautiful is loving what you have on the inside… a good kind heart….. A smile on your face …. kind loving words uttered from those lips.

Each one of us is unique in some way… Love yourself for who you are…. Be different …. be YOU…


I know I say this to you all the time Siara and I know you when you read this, you will believe me even more…. You are beautiful just the way you are……

Now you can understand why mummy does not buy you makeup, high heels and diet food…. Love yourself…. Be yourself … Believe in yourself…. because you are one of the most beautiful souls I have met….. Don’t change for anyone….


And to all the woman out there…..  be your own kind of beautiful



A working mother who lives in Johannesburg. I thrive on coffee to keep me sane, music to soothe my soul, reading to pretend that I am clever, and most importantly my kids to know that I am loved.

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