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A memory for the taste buds

There are just some things in life that simply thinking about floods my senses. A thought or a memory or even a reminder that sparks my senses into overdrive…

A freshly cooked pot of curry, the smell and sounds of the sea, the smell of nutmeg (just don’t ask… ha-ha) are a few simple pleasures that come with being from Durban (and being Indian too :))

Durban, a  place of warmth and beauty. A place where driving along residential areas you find homes boasting the biggest and tallest mango trees, pawpaw trees, avocado trees and not to forget banana trees. A place full of memories for me..

One of my favourite memories are of mangoes and mango trees. Not to brag, but our home had about 6 mango trees… so we were spoilt for choice in choosing the best tree ripened, juiciest, stringy mango our little hands could get before my mum eyes it out. Then there were fights and compromises… and we did not always win 🙂


Climbing the trees, skinning our knees and staring into our neighbour’s yard to see if there are any mangoes on their tree that looked more tempting (yes we did take some fruit without permission from their trees, but in defence, it was close to our boundary wall) …. all this while our faces and hands dripping with the yellow sweet juices from the mangoes that we were devouring….. These are memories I certainly will cherish from my childhood

One memory that always sticks out though is that before the mangoes could ripen, we would cut a few from the tree to enjoy with a mixture of chilli powder, salt, sugar and vinegar. My mouth waters even when writing about this… the harmonious mixture of saltines added to the pungency of the chilli with the sweet and sour crunchiness of the green/half ripened mango ….I am salivating just thinking about this.


Being in Gauteng, where the climate is dry and cold, fruit trees are not the same, being spoilt for choice is not an option, and certain fruit are not as easy to come by… so we aliens that have taken residency in this city have to venture to specific stores to get our favourite Durban delectables.

So as it happens, my sister was kind enough to get some green mangoes which I have to admit could not resist last night.

The mangoes were carefully drenched in my perfect blend of salt, sugar, chilli powder and a little vinegar just for some extra tanginess…



I must admit, I had a bit of a sore tummy indulging in this simple pleasure…..

PS… Looking at this picture still produces a tangy mouth-watering sensation …. and the craving begins again!!!!


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