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My Crazy Beautiful You

Tears streamed down my face last night as I went through old pictures of you…. tears of immense love and pride.

It feels like just yesterday that you could hear my thunderous heartbeat yet felt safe and secure in your very own little blissful world. So much so that after 43 weeks of keeping you close to me,  we had to abruptly end your lease and meet you for the very first time.

And not much has changed, except the bond and  the closeness that we share…

Your safety net of being close to your mummy has not changed…. and I must admit I love it….

After 8 years ….

  • I love that you still love my cuddles
  • I love the way you still snuggle your way next to me on the couch
  • I love that you think I am so awesome
  • I love the way you anaconda squeeze me when I walk past you
  • I love the way you share your blankey with me
  • I love the way you think I still know everything
  • I love that you still want my kisses
  • I love that you like my cooking
  • I just love you boeps

As I was going through your picture journey of 8 years, I giggled as I saw how your personality has flourished into one nutty little mini me :P) …. oooh love that too….

From this beautiful innocent little face


to this innocent bigger face ..


the in between faces has been nothing but crazy beautiful you




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197318_10151299904526807_1580420226_n - Copy

316672_10150480042761807_653402575_n - Copy

you have charmed yourself into my heart like no other little boy can….

  1. your personality
  2. your heart melting smile
  3. your beautiful big eyes
  4. you tender gentle nature
  5. your upset face
  6. your antics and jokes
  7. your witty and sarcastic comments
  8. your willingness to try

these are 8 of the MANY things that I love about you boeps

Happy Birthday Siarn…. I am proud to be called your mummy ♥


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