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Some crazy Thursday Fun

This week was a bit tense for us …

work wise…. homework wise…. health wise …. there was not much play time as we were all consumed with our own little issues…

So when I fetched the kids from school this afternoon, Siarn decided to turn up the volume and we suddenly felt the need to bust a move… like the old days to none other than out favourite band… Linken Park….

With Siara singing out loud, Siarn air guitaring,  and me…. happily joining in ….. when suddenly a “brilliant” idea dawned on them….

Apparently we needed to let out hair down and go a little crazy this evening….

Now I’ll have you know…. Mummy quite likes a little crazy fun with my two favorite monkeys… So yes I was all for it….

So we got home and as the usual routine was playing like an old familiar tune, I could hear whispering and giggling as they planned the evenings activities…

Their excitement was definitely building up…. Their dinner was eaten in record time… Homework was completed and even their showers was surprisingly hassle free…. Which off course is making me wonder….. Could this be a daily bribe? Hmmmm … My wheels are definitely turning here

Anyways…. The crazy hour was about to begin…

  • Siara was busy looking for something to wear…
  • Siarn was getting the camera ready….(Mind you… My little Einstein knows how to set the camera to timer…. How the ..)
  • And I was apparently needed to put on my new shoes….

Well since I am always game for these 2 and their antics…. I decided….why the hell not…. what better way to relieve the stress and tension than being silly…. And I get to wear my favourite new shoes too…and I can do this in my Pj’s…. BONUS!!!!

This is what transpired ….

we had the music on a little too loud (thank goodness dragon lady from downstairs was not around) …

giggling children (again we could cos dragon lady was not home) …

and all three of us on the coffee table (the poor table though)


I must admit … it really was a brilliant idea…. we had fun… we were crazy … and we bonded… we were us again

What more could a woman ask for than some crazy Thursday fun…. in her PJ’s and high heels


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