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I believe. ..

Have you ever heard these sayings and wondered what it really meant. Whether there was actually some truth to it?

“I am a spark from the Infinite.
I am not flesh and bones.
I am light.”
– Paramahansa Yogananda

“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.”  ― Pierre Teilhard de Cardin

Do you believe that we are soul’s . .. trying to reach Brahman.. absolute.. Purity (and not the baby food kind :))?

Have you ever wondered whether we are part of something bigger or something more…

That our soul resides in an earthly body at birth and moves into new existences determined by the cumulative consequences of actions or karma at death… and that the cycle of death and rebirth continues until the soul has attained karmic perfection, thus merging with the Absolute (Brahman). That we need to complete our cycles in order to meet our maker.

I do again… after the weekend that I had…. I believe this again….. I believe that we as souls are linked to other souls through our cycles… like the saying goes


This weekend was full of reflection and reconnection. This weekend I had a profound experience. An experience which I tried to verbalise to a friend, but just could not find the right words. I tried making sense of it in my mind too, and although I did make a bit of progress there, speaking of it was an impossible task. Which I find very strange, cos that is what us humans tend to do. It is in our human nature to try and make sense of things.. right?

But then I got to thinking that maybe just maybe the experience is not meant to be explained. Maybe it was a divine intervention just for me. Maybe it was a message…  But whatever it was, I think it did what it was supposed to. It made me realise something …

I realised that I had lost faith.  Faith in … My beliefs … my roots… my soul

I remember my childhood, filled with teachings, with traditions, with spirituality, with a way of life that I have strayed from for a while.

I remembered that I am a HINDU … and although I do not practice the religion the way most Hindus do, there was always a belief in the varied systems of philosophy and in the teachings. Which is what I lost…

I believe like most Hindus that the spirit or soul was  the true “self” of every person. I believe in karma. I believe in the circle of life. And I definitely believe in reincarnation.


I believe that we all have a path that is chosen for us even before we are born. We meet people (souls) as we live in this life because we are meant to. We lose people (souls) as we go along our journey because our karmic cycle with them has ended.


Thinking back, I really did allow myself to stray, to forget, to repress…. And this weekend my path/journey became clear again, I became a clear again

I feel it… in every essence of my being….


maybe it is the ‘angels” or spirit guides or whatever name we may call them that gave me this nudge, this push…. whatever it was … all I can say is that I am grateful….

Grateful cos I am finding my way back to the Devine again….. as they say… everything happens for a reason….. and in its own time


So whatever happens in this life, or the next…. I am going to be positive, make peace and let go…. cos …


What are your thoughts?


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