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What would yours be??

Of all the DOZENS of great advice you’d like to give your children, what would you choose if you were asked to only dish out 5?

I must admit, I have a VERY long list, so 5 … hmm ….Not so easy. But I think after all the recent happenings in my life…. These are what I feel right now… it could change tomorrow depending on my state of mind… but for tonight, this is it….

You are good enough….always always always know that You are good enough. We are all afraid to do thing or say thing at some point in our lives. We are scared of not being good enough, we are afraid of rejection, we are afraid of failing. But you are good enough. Don’t be afraid of new things, don’t be afraid to fail, and don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Mistakes are some of the best lessons learnt. Take the chance… the leap of faith…. be confident

You need to THINK for yourself… as much as I hate saying this…. you have to think independently. Question everything! I am not saying that you should not listen to reason, wisdom and advice but YOU have to ultimately form your own opinions from all that you have absorbed through life. Learn to have an open mind. Don’t get stuck in what you’re comfortable with. Don’t shut out what’s new and uncomfortable. Change is the one constant in life

Allow yourself be broken. We are human after all. There will come a time when something really shitty happens. Maybe a broken heart. Maybe a broken spirit. Allow yourself feel all the feelings. Being broken is ok… being broken leads to growth. And it will get better. I promise. Wallow and learn, but never stay there too long. There is way too much positivity and greatness all around that is so much better. But take the time to feel your emotions and let go so you can move forward.

Have an open heart. Life really is amazing if you don’t shut it out. You need to be willing to take the wounds that come with an open heart though. But you will experience the best of life if you let love, happiness and peace be your rule. But always remember to love yourself.

Be humble. In everything that you are. Don’t judge and don’t compare. Everyone goes through different battles in different stages of their lives, you will too. You are not better than everyone else. We are all going through life at a different pace. Respect that. Respect them.

And always know, no matter what: I love you with every particle of my being and I will always be there to smack sense right back into you… because yes you are worth it

So these are my 5…. what would be yours?


A working mother who lives in Johannesburg. I thrive on coffee to keep me sane, music to soothe my soul, reading to pretend that I am clever, and most importantly my kids to know that I am loved.