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We stalked, We waited, it flew!

This weekend, was a holiday with a difference and a slight twist.

Since the separation, this was the first weekend that we spent as a family… on holiday too. I must admit that we were a bit concerned about doing this so soon. But I am happy to report… Fun was had, and after doing this, the best advice that I can give any divorcing couple with kids… try and keep things amicable… the kids really do benefit from it.

Anyways … Back to the weekend and My bird….

I have never been one for birds, let alone bird photography but this little bird has been my favourite since the first moment I laid eyes on it. Something strange came over me this weekend and the aim of our bush holiday became the exhausting yet patient wait for this beauty to take flight.


So after four days of me sitting/crouching/standing in awkward and weird positions for what seemed like hours every time we caught sight of this beautiful creature…
After us becoming stalkers as we followed each and every bird sighting as it flew from treetop to treetop…
After driving on just about all dirt roads we could so that Keri could get her picture..
After Ed and kids trying all antics and tactics allowed to get the bird to fly…
After all the other park visitors thinking that I was a crazy woman…
And after all their patience …. especially Ed’s (thank you)

These are some of what I managed to get… as I sadly had to give up the challenge for the weekend as it came to it’s end.

MY LILAC BREASTED ROLLER!!!! I don’t think my kids will ever forget this bird πŸ™‚







How beautiful is this bird and it’s colours?

I really did enjoy the challenge to capture these fast beauties. I do have to practise more though πŸ˜‰

Other Kruger park adventures will follow soon!!!


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