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Oh Boy, what a fight!!

I never thought seeing something like this was possible… and even better was to see the outcome which was certainly an unexpected turn of events for sure.

It all began on the late afternoon drive. We were merrily driving along… looking for my bird and any other unsuspecting animals, when we approached a small group of cars that had stopped on the road.

Off course, our first thought was… a big cat?

But this was not the case.
Our dreams certainly was not shattered though. This was a sighting that still stirs up conversation. It really was something out of National Geographic’s I tell you!

So anyway, we approached the area of the stationery cars with caution as right there in the middle of the road a snake was tumbling and rolling… and we thought WTF is that snake up to…

And then, out of nowhere, the chameleon broke free.

We were witnessing a live bad ass match between a Chameleon and a Boomslang…. WOW..

So they rolled and rumbled, they bit and scratched. They had brief rest periods before the next round began.

This was one nail biting fight….. and here we were… all rooting for the underdog to come out tops….

The chameleon in the grips of it's predator
The chameleon in the grips of it’s predator
And the fight is ON!
And the fight is ON!
Putting up a fight!
Putting up a fight!
Going back to it's corner!
Going back to it’s corner!
Looks like the snake is winning this round
Looks like the snake is winning this round
Walking away like a Boss!
Walking away like a Boss!

As it walked away, the snake slithered into the bush in retreat.

And we all clapped and cheered for the Champion…. the chameleon won this fight… and hopefully more to come if it survives the bites that it received.

It was one entertaining and amazing sighting.


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