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10 Years and counting

I cannot believe that today we celebrate your 10th birthday.


It has been an amazing journey with you thus far Siara, you really have been our little miracle baby.

I know how much you love hearing the story about how mummy found out I was going to be a mummy… and I am not going to tell it again today, but it was also the first time I heard your heartbeat … and after all those years, you finally chose me to be your mummy. It really was worth the wait, and I do hope that I live up to your expectation.

I know that you are going to read this in a bit, or when you get home this evening. I bet you have been waiting to see what I blog about you….

Here you go my sweet potato

I love watching you grow. I love seeing who you are becoming. I love learning from you.  And I love love love being your mummy…. although there are times when I grind my teeth at you and we have our arguments etc, you are my babygirl….and I love you to the moon and back.

You have grown into a one independent, feisty, stubborn, crazy yet beautiful, loving, caring little person… just like me 😛

So you are waiting to read this one right? The 10 things that I love about you…..

I know it’s going to make you smile and frown at the same time…

  1. I love that you still need me in your life
  2. I love that you make breakfast for you and your brother when mummy is not well
  3. I love that you are stubborn about your beliefs
  4. I love that you make me the sweetest handmade cards
  5. I love the way you get angry with us for poking fun at you
  6. I love that I get letters from you
  7. I love that you get so emotional about stuff
  8. I love that you love my food… and you brag about it too
  9. I love that you make me a better person
  10. And I will always love your laugh….. no matter how old you get, or how many times I say it…. it is one of my favourite sounds in the world

Today, I have one piece of advice for you poeps…. Don’t change the way you are…. NOT FOR ANYONE….

Everything that you are…. your smile, your laugh, your mean streak, your willingness to help, your mind, your ideas, your creativity, your independence, your stubbornness, your precious heart….. It makes you YOU…. and I so love the You that you are…


Happy Birthday my sweet angel….  I could not have asked a better daughter than you…. you are the best….


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