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Truth be told

I wanted to scrap this idea entirely but I plodded along as I wanted to do this for 100th post…. Thinking of 100 things about me was not as easy as I thought

IT’S LONG….. I will be surprised if even get to the very end.

  1. I do not have a middle name which tends to surprise allot of people.
  2. I cannot stomach Pronutro.
  3. I love Prince Rogers Nelson… even though he had an identity crisis, changed his name and has a better figure and shoe collection than most women I know.
  4. I pull strands of hair from my head when I am deep in thought, stressed or bored. Come to think of I think I do it out of habit now.
  5. I cannot whistle.
  6. I was carried on a door (which doubled up as a stretcher cleverly) when I was in school because I dislocated my knee. Was pretty embarrassing.
  7. I had a real live snake watch me pee in my bathroom…. my brave moment.
  8. My childhood nickname is Speedo.
  9. I get teary eyed for the weirdest arbest shit.
  10. I have two beautiful, incredibly different and NOT very disciplined children…. completely my fault.
  11. Dancing around the house half naked is fun.
  12. My favourite fruit is leeches. We had 2 leechee trees growing in our garden in our childhood home. Absalootely deliciously juicy!!! I am craving now.
  13. I suck my tongue when I am really sleepy or very comfortable.
  14. I really really dislike someone too close to my personal space… It’s creepy. STEP AWAY FROM MY BUBBLE!
  15. I love love luurve sweeping. My obsession with a broom would make you think I was a witch in my previous life.
  16. I eat ice cream from a glass and it has to be warmed in the microwave for 10 seconds. Don’t judge.
  17. I HATE ironing.
  18. Lime flavoured anything.
  19. I burp… allot… and enjoy it.
  20. I love the word FUCK … I like the variation and it is so expressive.
  21. I love to karaoke but I can’t sing for shite.
  22. I was born on a Thursday at 6.06 in the morning. 18 September…. the year is irrelevant.
  23. I enjoy kitchen time. Yes I like to cook.
  24. I have three tattoos. I want more.
  25. I am terrible at Maths and I ended up in a career using numbers and shit. Ironic don’t you think?
  26. Oh! shit balls … I like those words together, and I say it more often than not.
  27. There was this guy that I had a major crush on when I was on campus. I vomited on his jacket. From having waaaaay too much vodka. Not my most charming moment!
  28. I have been through natural childbirth WITHOUT drugs. Talk about bravery!
  29. I have played with lions and cubs.  An incredible experience!
  30. I survive on headache pills.
  31. I don’t enjoy alcohol.
  32. One of my biggest and greatest dreams is having my very own library, with the smell of old and forgotten books.
  33. I have resided to the fact that a book shelf will have to do in this lifetime.
  34. I don’t wear makeup.
  35. I craved alcohol (beer specifically) during my first pregnancy.
  36. I can spend hours in an antique shop.
  37. I have a fear of most flying insects, especially cockroaches.
  38. I roll my eyes allot. I admit it.
  39. I want to die having known my grand-children.
  40. I love the smell of coffee, vanilla and roses.
  41. I am pro-choice.
  42. I hate wearing clothes in general. The bare minimum is good enough for me.
  43. I love musicals.
  44. I enjoy playing board games.
  45. I don’t drink enough water.
  46. I am so obsessed with mythology.
  47. My age is catching up with me. I see more and more wear and tear. Sagging and drooping.
  48. I tend to wear allot of black. I think that’s my favourite colour.
  49. I adore pretty heels, but hardly ever wear them.
  50. Kiss me on my lower back and I’m yours.
  51. Kiss me behind my ear and I’m yours forever.
  52. I have Lupus. Shitty thing to have.
  53. I can dance for hours on end.
  54. I hope to someday visit Athens and sit in the amphitheatre.
  55. Scrabble is my favourite board game.
  56. Both my grandmothers still live. 4 generations of strong woman… awesome yeah?!
  57. I was run over by a car when I was a child.
  58. I often get a giggling fit … I can’t stop myself.
  59. I have no balance. Eye-hand coordination is iffy too.
  60. I have a tendency to memorise the lyrics and notes to songs. My musical/lyrical knowledge base is something to brag about.
  61. I grind my teeth. Too often. Especially at my kids.
  62. I have never completed a rubic cube.
  63. My favourite subject in school was speech and drama.
  64. I sometimes snort when I laugh… loudly too.
  65. When I was 13, I did a modelling shoot for my cousin who was studying photography and took part in a beauty pageant a year later. What the fuck was I thinking! Oh, and I won by the way.
  66. I still have my appendix and tonsils. Actually all internal organs are still intact.
  67. Fancy stuff… that don’t impress me much!
  68. I am a sucker for little surprises.
  69. I talk to myself… often.
  70. I like photography. I am the designated snapper in my family.
  71. I have baked a birthday cake for every year that my children have turned older.
  72. I tend to read out aloud which seems to annoy many people.
  73. I like drive inns. Safe drive inns that is!
  74. I am a terrible liar. My face is the easiest to read. That just sucks piles.
  75. I am pretty easy to get along with.
  76. I like bargain hunting. Cheap skate of note!
  77. The TV has no appeal to me.
  78. My paternal grandfather was the only man I idolised. He was a boxer and he had the funniest and most interesting stories to tell about his younger years. I miss him.
  79. I cannot bake scones no matter how many times I try.
  80. I am not very adventurous with food.
  81. 2ply…. oh yeah baby.
  82. I am a terrible loser when it comes to games.
  83. I avoided all sports in school.
  84. I have an extra tooth growing on my pallet.
  85. I prefer being at home with friends than a night on the town.
  86. I hate the freckles and pigmentation on my face.
  87. I am pretty good at sewing and shit.
  88. There is just something about a man in glasses…hmmm…hmmm…. hmmmm.
  89. I have a VERY high threshold for pain.
  90. My toes have to always be painted. It’s an OCD thing I think.
  91. I prefer sweet to savoury.
  92. I strongly believe dragons existed.
  93. I know what it feels like to be at your lowest.
  94. I can’t live without my Labello (cherry).
  95. I have been deep sea fishing.
  96. I play with my boobies… Often
  97. Handwritten love notes…. I dig that.
  98. I enjoy everything mother earthish.
  99. I like hiking, exploring and being outdoors in general. Must remember to wear a hat though!
  100. I found someone who actually loves and encourages the flawed, broken, crazy me… Just as I am.

And that is 100 things



A working mother who lives in Johannesburg. I thrive on coffee to keep me sane, music to soothe my soul, reading to pretend that I am clever, and most importantly my kids to know that I am loved.