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It’s Time……

I came across this and thought it was so apt… especially since it is the new year ( well 14 days past.. but who is counting) and so many made resolutions that probably has not lasted, or started… hopefully this can … maybe it is time for me to make a resolution too…

Some of this held some truth in it for me… I kinda have a tendency to not believe (or should I say doubt) , and .. and … and…

and Yes, IT IS TIME

It’s Time.

Time to stop sabotaging yourself by not feeling good enough.

Time to stop hanging out where you are not celebrated.

Time to stop hauling your history round and blocking your flow.

Time to forgive yourself for mistakes….

IT IS Time to start over and know that you are worthy of the life you dream of.


A working mother who lives in Johannesburg. I thrive on coffee to keep me sane, music to soothe my soul, reading to pretend that I am clever, and most importantly my kids to know that I am loved.