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Nudity …. What are your thoughts?

So, the topic of nudity in front of the kids has come up allot recently. I think it’s relevant, interesting and a rather important topic…. So I am hoping that I can get other views on this too

I’d like to start by saying that I have always been very comfortable being half nude in my home. Walking from one room to the next in just my undies to get a towel or to check if the food on the stove etc., etc… it’s really no biggie. For me that is. I am not, however, entirely comfortable parading around publically. So ja, now you know where I stand on nudity.

As I mentioned, the topic has seemed to have come up allot around the fact as to whether it is appropriate for the kids.

I have a boy and a girl. And yes they have seen me naked sometimes. If they’re in my room while I’m getting dressed (which is not that often now that they older) I don’t cover myself up. I actually don’t really think about it… and we are all pretty comfortable in our birthday suits. Apart from a few times when my son pointed out that I didn’t have a penis (which was when he was very much younger), he has never commented on my being naked. For us it’s a non-issue. But will it eventually be an issue?

I grew up with two siblings so there has been times when we were naked in front of each other. My parents were pretty open as well… walking around in their undies … ok my dad stopped this as we got into our teenage years. And my sister and I sitting on the bed while my mum got dressed. We actually still do that when we are all together… it is our private time to chat I guess.

But now that I have a son, I’m beginning to wonder. Mostly because I was asked when was I going to stop being half-naked in front of him. And truth is, I hadn’t thought about it. I don’t parade around full frontal when he’s around, but I thought I had more time to walk around in just my undies… and how harmful can it be?

I am sure when he is older, he will let me know what he is comfortable and uncomfortable with… right? he is 9 now.

I have done a bit of reading too. I found this on Ask Dr Gayle… who DR. Gayle is I am not certain…. But she has a few big acronyms next to her name. ….

Anyways here is the question and her answer to it ….

QUESTION: My four-year-old son bathes with either me or his father. He is often in the same room with us while we are getting dressed. At what age might parental nudity be considered inappropriate?

ANSWER: Your naturally occurring nudity is not a problem — as long as you, your husband and child are comfortable with it. In fact, it may easily convey an attitude that reduces shame and increases comfort in your son’s perception of his own body. A healthy relationship to our bodies begins with liking ourselves and acquiring knowledge about how our bodies work. A natural acceptance, conveyed to our children, can promote their own positive self-image and contributes to self-esteem and the development of healthy adult sexuality.

The time for modesty evolves with the needs and comfort levels of all family members. Certainly, by puberty, and usually pre-puberty, a child’s desire for privacy grows. They may even comment on being uncomfortable with nudity in the parent of the opposite sex.

Sometimes, parents begin to feel uncomfortable with nudity as their opposite sex child grows older. Individuals within families must be accommodated with respect to each other,s privacy needs as these feelings emerge. But certainly discussions about these issues are wonderful opportunities to develop your own beliefs and philosophy about nudity and how you decide to address it in your family.

Talk with your partner about the beliefs and attitudes prevalent in your childhood families around nudity. Explore how your respective parents handled this issue and the effects of this on your own development. Talk with other parents to explore their attitudes and beliefs. You might also read the information available at about sex education for young children. Then, continue to develop your own approach to nudity in your family. You are already doing a great job, but your questions indicate that it is time to further develop a shared philosophy for child rearing with your partner.

From reading your letter, all family members appear comfortable with the nudity involved in bathing together and dressing. No inappropriate sexual boundaries are being crossed, and body education is evolving naturally.

And that is exactly what I thought too….

I’m curious to hear your thoughts. What’s your personal take on this? since this is a pretty personal topic.



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