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Something today made me reminisce.

Maybe it is the fact that I need to unwind again. The challenges of life, the brain fog…. The physical pain and the emotional anger that goes with this disease… the and and and…  it eventually catches up.

It has been one heck of a chicken race thus far.

But amidst this race we had a weekend to relax. A weekend we were waited on hand and foot at a luxurious Game Lodge. Gosh that seems such a long time ago now. And as most of my followers would know, Mother Nature in all her splendour transcends me to my peaceful happy place.

A place which off course my camera goes with.

So here I am, being hopeful that I can recapture this to ease my mood.

So in my attempt,  I share a few pictures of our weekend 🙂



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And why not enjoy a cold one to heighten the experience


Memories are certainly good for the soul….

have a restful weekend


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