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A letter that should have been posted a while ago…


I have been wanting to post this for the longest time. This is a letter to my ex husband… It did not work between us, we are two such very different people and I do hope that he finds the one that understands his heart.

Dear ex husband

There was a time when we shared our lives as one.
A time when we shared laughs. We shared tears. We shared dreams for the future.

Those were our moments, that was our time.

Now, life has taken a different path. I can’t help but think… how weird life works.
How once a stranger can become someone so important only to become a stranger again.
And now memories shared becomes just that, Memories… memories of a past when we had no idea what the future held.  And we still don’t actually.

But now look at us…

Almost 2 years down the line and all that is left as a reminder of what once was, are our children.


And as we fade further from each other’s lives, we have learned again that heartache is natural. Failed relationships are natural … but through it all we will learn to love and grow again.

We will share our lives, our laughs, tears and dreams with another who accepts us, as we accept them.

And hopefully one day, we will have smiles.

Smiles of silent comfort that we have found happiness. Smiles that understand that this is the way things were meant to be.

 Your ex wife